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Birthdays are a special time for kids! A day to show them how special they are, and focus on doing the things that they enjoy doing! Here are some ideas for crafts and activities that will make your child's birthday extra special!

Special Birthday Attire!

Birthday Shirt!

Make a special birthday shirt to wear on that special day! You can even make this a fun party game- and have all of your guests make shirts too!

Here's what to do: Get a plain white, or light colored t-shirt, and a pack of kitchen sponges. Cut the sponges into "birthday" shapes, like candles, balloons, cake, presents, etc. You can use cookie cutters to trace around or buy a pack of die-cuts at a craft store and use these as a template.

Lay down newspapers on your working area, and pour some tempera paints into pie pans, or heavy paper plates. Now dip the sponges into the paints, and press on your shirt. You may want to let one color dry before using another color.

For an extra special effect, you can use fabric paints to write your name, birthdate, and any other special information on your birthday shirt!

Birthday Hats!

Make your own special birthday hats for yourself and all your friends! Open our Party Hat template and print it out on card stock, or heavy weight paper. Cut out the pattern carefully, and punch holes where indicated for your elastic.

Now decorate it however you like! You can use crayons, markers, stickers, paints, rubber stamps, sequins, rhinestones, yarn, etc!! Be creative!

Now staple or tape your hat together to form a cone, and string a piece of elastic or yarn through the 2 holes to tie under your chin!

Birthday Party Hat Snacks!

Make a birthday party hat that you can eat! You'll need a sugar ice cream cone (the pointy ones), some white frosting, some round, sprinkes or other decorations, berry cereal (like Cap'n Crunch's Oops! All Berries!) and a maraschino cherry.

Now place the ice cream cone, upside down, on a paper plate. Spread the frosting on the cone, until it is covered. Decorate with sprinkles or candies while the frosting is still wet. Use the round berry cereal to make a brim around the bottom of your "hat", by arranging them all along the bottom of your cone. Finally, top with a cherry!

Birthday Pinwheels!

Now you can make your own special pinwheel- in the birthday print that you choose- and play for hours outside in the wind! (or make your own wind!) Try to make one..it's a breeze!

You'll need:

- Pencil with an eraser
- Ruler
- Scrap piece of birthday wrapping paper
- Scissors
- A penny
- A straight pin with a large plastic head
- Large pony bead

Here's what you do:

- Using the pencil and ruler, make an 8 inch square on the backside of the wrapping paper. Cut out the square.

- Use the ruler to draw lines from corner to corner (2 lines) on the back of your paper square. Now place the penny in the center of the "X" you just drew, and trace around it.

- Fold all four corners to the center, creasing the folds as you go.

- Cut between each of the four folds, being careful to cut up to, but not through, the center circle that you drew.

- Bend (don't fold!) every other point to the center of the square to make your pinwheel shape. Push the pin through all four points of the pinwheel, and then through the center of the square.

- Now place the pony bead onto the pin, behind the pinwheel, and then through the middle of the pencil eraser. If the end of the pin comes through the eraser, then you need a shorter pin.

- Now blow!!!

Recommended Children's birthday books:

"The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday" by Stan Berenstain
"Happy Birthday to You" by Dr. Seuss
"Bunny Cakes" by Rosemary Wells
"Arthur's Birthday" by Marc Brown

Fun Birthday Party Place Card Holders!

You'll need air dry clay, half of a styrofoam ball, a pipe cleaner, 2 wiggly eyes, and a plastic fork to make these fun bug place card holders!

Place the half styrofoam ball on a clean surface, with the flat side down. Cover with a thin coating of clay- so that the styrofoam is no longer visible. Form a small ball of clay for the "head" by rolling clay between your hands and use the pipe cleaner to make antennae, and glue on the eyes. Now stick the "head" on to your bug's "body".

Use different colors of clay to decorate your bug. Make spots, stripes, zig zags- whatever you like! When you are done with your bug, stick the bottom handle of a plastic fork into the middle of the body so that the tines are pointing up, and facing the bugs head. Jot your name on a small index card, or piece of paper, and stick in the fork's tines. What a great way to mark your spot at the table!

Special Birthday Plate

Another fun idea for a keepsake birthday item to bring out year after year!

You'll need:

A plate- preferably clear glass or plain white
Delta CeramDecor PerEnamel paints
PermEnamel Clear Gloss Glaze

You can tape a pattern to the back of your plate and follow the pattern- OR you can just paint freehand whatever design you desire! To make a festive birthday design, you can feature confetti, balloons, presents, cake, maybe even a "Happy Birthday"! Once your design has dried for about an hour, coat it with PermEnamel Clear Gloss Glaze. Let your plate dry 10 days before washing.

Recommended Kid's Birthday sites:

Family Fun's Birthday Party Resource page provides ideas for party themes, cakes, and more. Also- planning tips, articles, and links to local resources!

Birthday Party Ideas site is a collection of ideas and suggestions from site visitors that is extremely comprehensive and helpful!

Need party supplies? Check out our Party Supplies page for a wide selection of childrens themes! These parties "in-a-box" make it easy to plan a party without all the running around!

Birthday games, activities, coloring pages, links, and much more are at Kids Domain! This is a wonderful site- full of fun things for kids!

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