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"My 4-year old loved the trial mailing so much that I signed up for a year! The crafts are perfect. My daughter adores crafts, but I seldom have it "together" enough to have all the materials at one time. Yesterday my husband got a sale flyer in a bright pink envelope. Cara thought it was another Friendship Day package for her and was crushed to find out that it wasn't! Thank you for doing this. What a wonderful idea!
(Lori - Menomonee, Wisconsin)

"Wow! My grandson is thrilled that "I" sent him such a wonderful surprise in the mail. Thank you for such a great product. It's a nice feeling to know that Jason will continue to get this wonderful mail from me -- without me having to worry about shopping - deciding what's appropriate for him and mailing. I plan on sharing this with all my friends who are grandparents."
(Fran - Malibu, California)

"My children just received their first mailing and loved it! They immediately began making the puppets for Friendship Day and they had a great time. The only problem is that they now think there should be something in the mail every day."
(Berry - Poolesville, Maryland)

"What a great product! My 2 children get so excited when their mail arrives. They immediately delve into the included craft and spend hours perfecting their masterpieces! Then the activities in the newsletter keep us busy until the next package arrives. Thank you for this great service!"
(Diane - Encinitas, California)

"My kids loved their mail surprise! I have four adorable puppets that they made for me looking at me from behind my computer. They really felt proud that they made them all by themselves! They both came in and said "Thank-you Mom for our letters" and gave me a big hug and a kiss. AWWWW! Thanks a bunch! Keep those crafts coming."
(Lisa - Braintree, Massachusetts)

"What a wonderful way to keep in touch with my grandchildren! They look forward to receiving the brightly decorated envelopes each month. The crafts are so cute! I've tried to help, but they won't share! I'm thinking of getting a subscription for myself! THANKS!"
(Helen - Industry, California)

"My daughter received her mailing a few days ago and WOW! It was stocked full of wonderful things. Any kid will enjoy them (even adults will have fun looking!)."
(Elaine - Houston, Texas)

"...the trial packet was great. My daughter is constantly asking if she got any mail so when I told her that she did she was very excited. She was even more excited when she opened it and saw all the cool stuff inside. I ordered a longer membership after seeing how happy it made her! Thanks again."
(Maria - Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania)

"Rachel loved receiving something in the mail just for her! She was so excited- she loved the stickers (I think she takes after her mom). The crafts are fun and definitely get your money's worth"
(Rebecca - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia)

"Alyssa can hardly wait to rip open her mail (she recognizes the colorful envelope) to see what the next craft will be. This has been a great summer activity for her. Thanks for the mail!"
(Cyndi - Whittier, California)

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