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ere is a sneak-peek at our personalized, themed mailings! This is just a hint of the many, many goodies that we send out! After all, we don't want to spoil the surprise!!

New Years' Mailing
St. Valentines Day Mailing

We help kick-off the new year! Stickers include confetti, balloons, stars and shimmering snowflakes! Activities will include ideas and materials for making a customized kid's calendar!
Cute valentine poems and pictures will make this letter a favorite! Red hearts, rainbow hearts, and shimmery hugs and kisses will be the featured stickers. Help your child make a homemade valentine with the help & materials we provide!
St. Patrick's Day Mailing
Earth Day Mailing
Learn the origin of shamrocks & leprachauns! Your child can make a four-leaf- clover for your refrigerator and decorate it with the dozens of "green" stickers enclosed in this month's lucky envelope! Earth Day! The focus is on our environment, and nature. We suggest many activities to make young children more aware of the earth's precious resources including a fun-filled scavenger hunt!. Stickers include animals, trees, ladybugs, and flowers. Plant the seeds we send and help make our world a prettier place!
Children's Day
Independence Day Mailing!
Learn about children in other parts of the world and how, even though we are worlds apart, we are still all the same! Summer fun is the emphasis, and we have lots of ideas for outdoor activities including everything you need to make your own sun visor! Stickers include sparkling toys, fun food, playground activities and a special "Make-a-face" project! Little ones will discover the reason we celebrate this special day! We'll show you how to make your own fireworks (on paper, of course) and learn about the importance of firework safety. Make an Uncle Sam door hanger with the supplies we send, and fly the American glider that's included! Stickers will be red, white and blue, with some US landmarks too!
Friendship Day Mailing
Grandparent's Day Mailing
This month we focus on the importance of friendship. Sharing and cooperating are major themes. We'll include lots of fun materials to make a matching set of best friend bead key chains! Make one for you and one for a friend! Rainbows, puppies and best friends are featured stickers. This special day helps us remember and appreciate our grandparents. Make a special keepsake box that includes a heart shaped frame cut-out! Make a card for Gramma and Grandpa- or "adopt" a grandparent from a local nursing home! We provide the materials, you provide the love!
Harvest Day Mailing
Thanksgiving Day Mailing
Pumpkins, leaves and acorns are featured this month! Learn about the fall season, and make your own Harvest Day wreath with the tissue leaves and pumpkin cut-outs we send! The time for big meals, and hearty thanks! Pin the feathers on our turkey, and make custom personalized placemats! Stickers feature Pilgrims, turkeys, vegetables and baskets.
Special Birthday Mailing!
Special birthday wishes are sent to each child along with lots of fun birthday themed activities, festive stickers, and a special birthday gift! This one is sure to delight!
We reserve the right to make minor changes to the assortments- just in case we discover a great craft, sticker or activity that we just can't pass up!

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