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Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May- this year it falls on May 11th! We have some wonderful ideas for homemade Mother's Day gifts your kids can make! Or-make a special gift for Grandma, or another special "Mom" in your life!!

Gift Soaps

Mom can use these pretty homemade soap balls for a luxurious bath or to make closets and drawers smell sweet! You'll need: 2 cups of Ivory Soap Flakes, 1/4 cup of water, food coloring, and fragrance or flavor extract.

Mix the water, food coloring and extract together. Use as much coloring and extract as you need to get the smell and color that you want. Add the soap flakes and mix until its crumbly. Shape the mixture into five balls. Make sure each ball is packed together tightly. Be sure to pat and shape the balls so they are smooth.

For a really special gift- you can wrap each soap ball in a square of netting, tie with a ribbon and place them all in a small bowl or basket!

Home-Made Coupons from the Heart

Give Mother's Day coupons that mom can cash in whenever she wishes. Either buy a small notebook and write the coupons in there, make them on the computer & print them out, or cut out little cardboard hearts and write the messages on them (you can keep all the cardboard hearts together by putting them into a small decorated box, or hole-punching the top, and stringing them on a ribbon!)

Some ideas for the coupons are:
  • "Wash and Dry the Dishes"
  • "Set the Table"
  • "Hugs and Kisses"
  • "Rake the Leaves"
  • "Clean my Room"
  • "Do the laundry"
  • "One Hour of Quiet Time"
  • "One Free Car Wash"
    You get the idea, use your imagination!

    Hanger Bean Planter

    You can create a beautiful hanging plant for Mom using an empty milk carton! It also grows a vegetable plant which is good for the environment.

    You'll need a quart or half-gallon milk carton, scissors, paint, potting soil, pole beans, and heavy string.

    Wash and dry the milk carton. With some help, use the scissors to cut out windows on each side of the milk carton. Leave about three inches of the bottom of the milk carton. Paint and decorate your mild carton. Put about two inches of potting soil in the bottom of the milk carton. Plant several pole beans in the soil. Attach a heavy string as shown. Hang the planter near a window and watch the beans sprout and climb out the windows!

    Laundry Scoop Sachet!
    Turn a laundry.scoop into a precious keepsake for Mom!

    You'll need a laundry box detergent scoop, acrylic spray paint, lace, eyelit trim and colored yarn. With help, spray-paint the scoops with acrylic paint. (this works best if you do it outside) Ask a grown-up to use a hammer and nails to punch a hole near the top of the handle. Fill the scoop with potpourri, and glue some netting over the top of the scoop. Glue lace, and eyelit trim or ribbon to the edges of the scoop. Tie a piece of yarn to the hole in the handle so Mom can hang it in her closet, bathroom or car!

    Mother's Day Plate of Promises

    This is a great project for younger children! You need 2 paper plates, crayons or markers, a hole puncher, colored ribbon or yarn, scissors and glue.

    Fold one paper plate in half, and cut it on the fold. Turn it upside down and decorate the bottom of the plate using the crayons or markers. You can cut flower shapes out of construction paper or from brightly colored magazines and draw stems and leaves with a green marker.

    Lay the half plate upside down on a whole plate, lining up the edges. Punch two holes through both plates with the hole puncher, making one hole on each side of the half plate, near the top. Tie ribbons through the two holes to anchor the half plate in position. Now use the hole puncher to make holes 1 inch apart all the way around the plate, punching through both plates when necessary.

    Starting at the top of the plate, thread ribbon in and out of the holes all the way around. Tie the ribbon into a loop at the top so the plate can be hung. Now think of ways that you can help Mommy- like "clean my room" or "feed the dog" and write these "promises" on individual strips of paper. Stuff them in the "pocket" of your promise plate, and write "MOM" on the front!

    Mother's Day Ideas for Breakfast in Bed

    Make heart shaped waffles!. Decorate with fresh strawberries, sliced from top to bottom so they resemble small hearts. Top the waffles off with whipping cream and add a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

    Make pancakes by placing a large heart-shaped cookie cutter on the griddle and pouring in the pancake batter. When pancakes are ready to flip, remove the cookie cutter. If you feel really creative, drizzle the pancake batter onto the griddle so it forms an "I" and a "U". When you serve this to mom, place it on the plate so it reads: "I (Heart) U"

    Make mom a few fried eggs by placing them inside a large cookie cutter, when the eggs harden remove the cookie cutters. Don't forget to cut heart shapes out of the toast to go along with the eggs.

    Serve mom your special meal on a tray, place a single flower in a vase along with coffee, tea, milk (whichever she prefers) and place your Mother's Day card along the side of the tray along with a cloth napkin. Ask mom if she'd like to read the paper, watch TV, read a book, etc while she's eating.

    Bubble-Printed Notebook/Journal

    Turn an ordinary notebook into a special work of art that Mom can use as a journal, notekeeper, or doodle pad!! You'll need a notebook, some white paper, colored ink, newspaper, and rubber cement.

    This can be messy - so you may want to lay down newspapers, or do this project outside! Mix dishwashing liquid with cold water in a bowl or sink. Mix it up, so there are lots of bubbles. Gradually drip different colors of ink onto the surface of the bubbles.

    Cut a piece of white paper about the same size as your bowl/sink. Gently lay the paper on the surface of the colored bubbles. Remove the paper from the bowl and place it on some newspapers to dry. If the paper dries wrinkled, leave some heavy books on top of it for 12 hours or so, until it is flat.

    When your paper is dry and flat, open your notebook and cut the paper around it, adding an extra inch or so around the edges. Cut across the corners, and cut a "v" at the top and bottom of the spine.

    Now glue the paper to your notebook, gluing the extra inside the cover. Voila!

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